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"Quality" and "craftsmanship" aren't just buzzwords to our team. At Connelly Roofing, our success lies in the details. By thoroughly analyzing the best methods of producing a durable, worry-free roof, our team can deliver exceptional quality and proudly stand behind the work that we do. With one dedicated, well-trained crew, we are able to establish consistent preparatory steps that many times go overlooked by others. For example, when removing an old roof, we also take the time to inspect the ventilation system to assess current or potential issues as well as fully re-nailing the roof's deck in order to not compromise any layer of protection.

Our goal is never to rush to get in and get out, but to provide the best and longest lasting product. In this industry, many crews will use nail guns to get the job done as quickly as possible rather than spending the extra time and precision with hand nailing. When hand nailing, trained roofers can properly line up each nail at an ideal angle, apply the correct amount of pressure, and feel the depth into where the nail drives into the wood. This helps ensure that your roof will be more secure and durable in the long run.

There are no high-pressure sales tactics from our team as we understand that undertaking a new roofing project is an important decision and want our clients to be fully informed and comfortable with their investment. Whether it be for a small repair or a full re-roof, we're committed to making this a stress-free process for you and your family. After completing a comprehensive inspection and identifying your roofing needs, we'll communicate the scope of work, budget, and timeline that best fits your project so that as the homeowner, you can confidently make the most educated decision for your roof. 

If you're in the initial planning stages of your next roofing project and looking for design assistance, click the link below to utilize a customizable design tool for your home or to discover different roofing designs and materials.


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